Coronavirus and HBC

Ultimately out of love for those in our church family and community, we have canceled all scheduled church services and activities until Sunday, May 31.

This is in keeping with our state and federal guidance and mandates regarding COVID-19. Since this is a prohibition for the sake of public health and not an attempt to prevent public worship, we as citizens of God’s kingdom are responsible to obey the order (Rom. 13:1-2) and seek the good of our community.

When we do begin phasing back in to services and activities, we will of course do so in compliance with federal and state guidelines for social distancing.

The current situation is a good reminder that the church is not a building but a body. Although this severely limits our ability to worship and fellowship in person together (both essential to our spiritual health), we live in an age where we can maintain virtual contact. 

Here are a few ways we intend to stay connected as a church family during this time:

  1. We have created an HBC YouTube channel to broadcast the sermon for Lord’s Days on which we do not gather. We are pre-recording the message and sending a link to those on our email list. (Those subsribed to the channel will of course be notified of new uploads.) Sermons will still be available as audio recordings and podcast episodes as usual. Please make Sunday morning a regular time of worship. Whomever you are with, sing, pray, read and then listen to the message.
  2. Also via our YouTube channel, we plan to deliver church updates and devotional thoughts a few times a week. These brief times will cover church announcements and devotional thoughts. 
  3. We have made online giving to the General Fund available in the absence of our gathered worship. Your giving will still be tax-deductible. You can also mail a check to the church (108 Rockingham Road Windham, NH 03087), and the financial secretary will record it.
  4. Many are still involved in growth groups of 3 or 4 people. We think it would be good to maintain this connection via phone or videochat. This is a way we can continue to strengthen each other while we are apart. While it may be a bit odd to read and pray over the phone, don’t dismiss the importance of regular fellowship around the things of God.
  5. Finally, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of the extra time and fill it with good things. Enjoy family life and reconnect without the distractions. Spend time with the Lord and set your mind on things above.

Get Involved

Children and Teens
We encourage children and teens to get involved in ministry at Heritage. Whether participating in Sunday School, Youth Group, or one of our many outreach opportunities, your children will find a home here.
With special groups for men, women, young adults and parents there are many ways for you to grow at Heritage Baptist. Whether at the church or in member homes, opportunities for fellowship abound.
Building Program Giving
Aside from giving in our Sunday evening offerings, you can also give online toward our Building Project.
At Heritage Baptist, we take seriously the call of the Great Commission. From supporting permanent missionaries in the field to encouraging and assisting members on short-term trips, our work spreading the gospel to all the world is never done.